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Doing Better Business with the Better Business Bureau

Doing business is more than just offering a product or a service. The product or service will have to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers. The relationship formed between the business and its customers is one of trust. Customers have to trust that the business will have their best interest in mind when they come up with their products and services. While this paints an ideal picture, this is not always the scene. There are some instances when customers are unsatisfied (or worse, adversely affected) by the products and services that they availed of. This is where the Better Business Bureau comes in. This non-profit organization offers benefits for both businesses and customers.

better business bureau

Better Business Practices

For businesses, subscribing or becoming part of the Better Business Bureau ’s list of accredited businesses can serve as a stamp of approval. There is a BBB Code of Business Practices that contains standards that accredited businesses should abide by. This organization also puts out a ranking of companies and businesses that are rated to be reliable and trustworthy. There are, however, some disputes as to the process by which businesses are ranked. Nevertheless, millions of consumers still make requests for business reliability reviews. The self-regulation that is practiced by the accredited businesses assures customers that they will be dealing only with reliable businesses.

Better Resolution for Customer Complaints

There are many horror stories about how customer complaints have dragged on for months without being resolved. Customer care representatives are unresponsive and company officials are unwilling to take accountability for the quality of their product or service. The Better Business Bureau can help customers bring their complaints to listening ears. Although they do not really play a part in the legal resolution of disputes and customer complaints, this organization mediates in the resolution process. Customers can report their complaints and have them published in the organization’s website. These complaints become part of the records of the business involved. When consumers ask about the particular business, their report would include the complaints and any subsequent actions taken. Since customers often put weight on these reports, the business would be more willing to resolve any existing customer complaints lest their BBB records be tarnished.

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