Doing Business During the Holidays: Taking Advantage of the Christmas Rush

There’s no other time in the year when people are more open to spending than the Christmas season. A lot of consumers actually prepare to have more disposable funds for this time of the year. Companies can take advantage of the Christmas rush with a few simple tricks in doing business during the holidays. It does not take a lot of the company’s own financial resources to top-of-mind in your customers’ consciousness these days.

special discounts
Companies usually put up ads and signs
to announce how much discount or price
slash back they are offering.

Some of these easy ways of doing business during the holidays are:

1. Offer special discounts. Be extra nice this season and give a little more discount than you normally give. This is the time to think in terms of bulk or quantity. Even if you cut your mark-up to offer cheaper prices, you can still enjoy handsome profits because more people will want to buy more from you. You have to advertise your special discount offer in the most attractive way possible. Companies usually put up ads and signs to announce how much discount or price slash back they are offering.

2. Offer additional services. Try throwing in free gift wrapping or delivery services when your customers order within a certain period. You can do this several weeks or days before Christmas. You might have a market if you offer delivery services on Christmas day itself. Most companies do not extend this kind of service simply because they cannot cope with the demand. You can address your limitations by offering the free delivery promo only to the first 10 customers who make a purchase. When you offer this promo, make sure that you can truly deliver on your promise.

3. Give gifts. This is one of the best times to reward your loyal customers. A great way of doing business during the holidays is to give gifts to your customers. There are some businesses that offer free gifts with purchases during this time of the year. There are some that list their top customers and send them corporate Christmas gifts. It really depends on your budget and the kind of relationship you want to establish with your customers. Always offer these gifts with a message of sincere gratitude.

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