Don’t Work Too Hard

It’s only this morning that I was able to read newspaper again…a 3-day old newspaper to be exact because it’s dated October 2. Aside from the fact that I don’t have time to read anymore, I watch news every night so reading newspaper is not really a must for me. I am just interested on entertainment page and classified ads because I am looking for Medical Transcriptionist Jobs. With the ongoing economic problem here in the country, I need a sideline aside from the one that I already have. However, when I saw this article, I had second thoughts. Do I really need to work that hard?

“George Tuklebaum suffered coronary while working on his desk. Post mortem revealed that he had been dead for 5 days. No one found it unusual that he was in the same position all the time because he was always the first guy in the morning and the last person to leave at night.”

The moral of the story…Don’t work too hard. Nobody notices anyway.

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  1. OMG this is so sad! It didn’t have to take 5 DAYS to find out he’s already dead… I mean, if he isn’t even moving then there’s something wrong!

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