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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Job Interview

I congratulate the graduates of 2012! You’re now moving away from the university but about to face a new journey. I know some of you  will prepare for the board exam and some will hunt for jobs…job that will be the start of a new  venture. But before that, you must be prepared for the most nervy part of job hunting…the interview. It’s easy to set your mind to “I can do this. All I need to do is to put on my best business suit”. Well, it is easily said than done. The truth is there are more important things that will help you leave good impressions other than showing up in your best suit. Below are 10 job interview tips that will help you.

1. Research about the company. It is always better to be prepared should be asked any question on what you know about the company. It will also allow you to ask questions and show your interest  working in the company.

2. Dress properly. This depends on what kind of job you are applying  for. Always come in business attire for company interviews. However, for blue collar jobs  business suit are somewhat overdressed.

3. Go alone to the interview. Show that  you are mature enough to be on your own so tagging along your parent or a friend is a big NO, NO unless your friend is applying for the same job and is scheduled for an interview on that same day.

4. Bring extra resume and photocopies of important documents.  It is good to have them on hand should you be asked a copy. Don’t forget to bringing your identification cards and extra ID pictures too.

5. Arrive at least 10 minutes early. This is important for you to have time to retouch and relax. However, arriving too early (more than 10 minutes early) creates  poor first impression as well. This shows that you don’t have so much things to do.

6. Good handshake. A handshake maybe telling more about you than you know. A good  handshake (not too loose neither too tight) will help to build rapport.

7. Eye contact. Look the interviewer in the eye. This shows you are focused and interested. Don’t stare the interviewer down to avoid awkwardness.

8. Avoid nervous habits like swinging the legs,  tapping the table (as if you’re flaunting your diamond and eternity bands), biting your nails, flipping your hair, etc.

9. Don’t talk too much. Interviewers hate talkative applicants so don’t talk unless you are asked to or you have very important thing to say related to the job and/or company. Listen carefully to the questions you’re asked, take a few seconds to think then deliver responses that get to the point of the question.

10. Don’t say negative words about your current or past employers. This will give the impression that you can similarly trash your boss to be and/or the company.  If you state your feelings about your present and previous bosses, then you’re out of the new job.

Interview skills is as important as a strong resume. Strong resume gives you the opportunity to an interview while your  strong interview skills will win you consideration for the job.

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By Rossel

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