Earthquakes and Tsunamis – Are We Prepared?

I learned from a friend in Japan that they were rock once again by a strong 7.1 magnitude aftershock and that there was a tsunami threat last April 7. The said tsunami was supposed to hit Sendai, the same province that was hit by the devastating tsunami last March 11. Thank God it was just a false alarm. I feel sorry for the people of Sendai because they are on their way to reconstruction and recovery yet aftershocks keep on hitting them. The said aftershock thrown the areas that made some gains back into disarray again. Because of that, fears are being rekindled.

May God forbid but what if the same calamity happens in our country? Are we prepared? Do we have well trained rescuers and ample emergency assistance? I am not underestimating our government. It is just that what happened to Japan last March 11 showed what can happen even how well prepared the government is. Japan is known for having the state-of-the-art earthquake and tsunami detection systems yet it is not spared from the said calamities, much more a country like ours that is being left behind when it comes to detection systems.

I know we are not prepared enough to withstand devastating calamities so let us just pray and hope that no such calamity would hit our country ever.

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By Rossel

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