Easter Movie for Your Kids

I forgot to post my entry yesterday for Tuesday Couch Potato. Anyway, it is still Tuesday in other parts of the world so I am not late yet, am I?

I can’t recall any movie about Easter. But since Easter is about Christ’s resurrection, I chose Worthy is the Lamb as my entry for Tuesday Couch Potato’s “Easter is Here”.

Worthy is the Lamb is an account of the last days of Jesus’ ministry, Juda’s betrayal and  Jesus’ courage, love, mercy and grace all represented through his ultimate sacrifice. This is a good movie for children for the betrayal, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ is told in a language they can understand. With this movie, it would be easier for the parents to introduce Jesus Christ to their kids. This movie written by Brian Nissen and directed by Richard Rich, would touch your children’s heart.

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  1. hi mommy rossel! this is a very good movie for the children. more milder than the Passion of the Christ yet with the same message of the love of God. i must look for my own copy too… so my little one can watch it.

    thanks for joining us this week dear. Next week, mas madali na ang theme natin because it will Julia ROberts movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!

    Happy Easter!

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