Promotional Items as Effective Marketing Tactic

What I love most when hubby is attending seminars and events is he takes home different promotional items. That is why we have tons of useful giveaways from different companies.

Promotional Products
These promotional items were given away to promote the companies’ product but they ended up as important tools for us as we use them often, most especially the bag, mugs and pens; thus reminding us of the company almost everyday. And believe it or not, they are very effective marketing tool as I always buy the products that we haven’t tried yet out of curiosity.

There is no doubt that using promotional products is an effective marketing tactic. It effectively generates new and prospective clients for the company. However, if you are not careful in choosing the items and the vendor, the cost can outweighs the positive results. Edibles like personalized food items are good giveaways too but once it is consumed your product name will not be visible anymore. Instead, choose items that can be used for a long time, such as promotional mugs and bags (based on my experience), to likely achieve maximum benefit.

As for the vendor, choose the largest seller of promotional items. Because you are giving the items in bulk, you are likely interested in the company that can give you the lowest price possible. One of the largest online sellers I know is the What is good about Branders is not just the lowest price they are offering but you can also visualize your logo instantly on the promotional item you choose by using their patented Design Studio technology just like what I did.

It’s nice, is it not? So if you will be assigned to choose the promotional products for your company, you know now what to do and where to order.

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