Eminent Eights

Eminent Eights
Hazel of Delineating Des tagged us with this Lucky Chinese Tag called Eminent Eights last January 5 but it is only now that I got the chance to post it. Here it goes:

8 TV shows we like to watch:

i. Mr. Bean
ii. Sponge Bob
iii. Dora
iv. Jimmy Neutron

Me and Hubby
v. 24
vi. NCIS
vii. CSI
viii. Bones

8 Favorite Places to Eat & drink:

i. KFC
ii. Jollibee
iii. Chowking
iv. Tropical Hut

Me and Hubby
v. Max’s
vi. Pizza Hut
vii. Kenny Roger’s
viii. Gerry’s Grill

8 Things I Look Forward To:

i. Mama and Papa not using the PC (so I can play)
ii. Watching “Ang Darling Kong Aswang” on DVD
iii. Biking at the Circle
iv. New art set

Me and Hubby
v. RJ making it again to top 10
vi. More opportunities for me
vii. A Boracay vacation
viii Paying all the credit cards

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

i. Went to school
ii. Went biking around the subdivision
iii. Watched Mr. Bean
iv. Paint and color

v. cooked omelet
vi. made 2 opps and 3 personal posts
vii. Blog hopped
viii. ate ice cream

8 Things I Love About Winter:
We don’t have winter so if ever we will have a winter here

i. Will roll on snow
ii. Will wear thick clothes
iii. Will ride a sled
iv. Will ski

v. Will make a snowman with RJ and Hubby
vi. Will wear 5 sets of clothing
vii. Will have a chichat with RJ and Hubby near the fireplace while sitting on a carpet and sipping hot drinks
viii. Will tuck under thick comforter while reading Sidney Sheldon’s book

8 Things I Am Passionate About:

i. painting
ii. biking
iii. playing guitar
iv. toys, books, tocino and swift cheesedogs

v. blogging
vi. American TV series
vii. Pizza
viii. A beach vacation house

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:

i. Weee (pronounced in Tagalog)
ii. Di nga? (really?)
iii. Ma?! (she’s calling me all the time; she doesn’t want me to be out of her sight when she’s home)
iv. Pahinging ten (can I have P10.00?)

v. I love you (to RJ and Hubby)
vi. RJJJJJJ! (I don’t want her to be out of my site too)
vii. Pa-hug (to RJ and Hubby)
viii. bawal magkalat (cluttering is prohibited)

8 Things I Learnt from the Past:

i. eating too much sweets caused sore throat
ii. lying makes mama angry
iii. eating too much banana and apple can affect my bowel movement
iv. sharing everything to a friend will leave me nothing in the end

iv. List all important dates so not to forget special occasions especially friends’ birthdays
vi. Do not trust everyone even those whom I think I know well
vii. Optimism helps
viii. Patience is a virtue and it is worth the wait most of the time

8 Blog friends we want to tag:
i. Rose ” Etcetera, Etcetera”
ii. Annalou “Analou’s Place to Remember”
iii. Clarissa “Kizuna”
iv. Alleth “The Adventurous Mom”
v. Maritz “A walk to Remember”
vi. Jac “Mom’s Special Diary”
vii. Cecile “Small and Simple Things”
viii. Levy “Living Life to the Fullest”

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  1. I ta tag pa sana kita, may post ka na pala, late na ako wahhh! oh well, I am tagging you pa rin, hehehe..

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