Empowering Through Social Media

As time pass by, social media emerged to be one of the most powerful tools these days when it comes to influence and voicing out sentiments. With the growing number of people utilizing the internet, it even became one of the instruments to know the trends.

In various occasions, social media has been used to come up with a certain conclusion or decision.

Reality Shows – the outcome of the show or the choice of winner has long been identified through sms votes while some shows are utilizing the number of “like” buttons of Facebook.

Beauty Contests – the typical beauty pageant is being decided through jurors or judges but there are special awards wherein the social media would be the deciding tool. It can be in the form of a People’s Choice Award.

Surveys – long time ago, surveys are being conducted through manual distribution of questionnaires but these days, social media or simply the social networking sites have features wherein the recipients will just click the button of their choice and that’s it, conclusion can be derived from it.

Crisis Intervention – it has been proven and tested with the latest natural disasters that occurred in our community. Rescue operations have been easier with social media. Help reaches the victims faster these days because out there may have “tweeted” the exact location or shared a picture of the real scenario.

Research – social media have become the most popular source of information these days. People already grouped themselves according to their field of expertise and asking questions regarding their niche has been easier. Access to information has never been easier compared to the generation of our great grandparents wherein everything is being done manually.

The existence of social media allows a person to be noticed and heard easily thus empowering his or her presence.

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8 thoughts on “Empowering Through Social Media

  1. The drawback of social media is kids don’t know how to use the library, which coming from a family of librarians, breaks my heart.

    Of course the upside of social media is I get the library all to myself. Peace and quiet without the need to say “Shush”!

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