Enjoying Cashless Convenience Anytime, Anywhere

People do not normally carry cash anymore these days. Why should they when they can feel safer with a single card in their wallet. The Kaiku card makes it convenient for consumers to shop without worrying about carrying huge amounts of money in their pockets. With this peace of mind also comes the ability to manage funds wisely. Since the Kaiku card is a pre-paid card, there is no danger of overspending. The cardholders can only spend whatever money they load in their card. There are, however, still debit cards fees that they have to think about. Compared to other pre-paid or debit cards, the Kaiku card offers more value to its cardholders.

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Take a look at the following Kaiku card’s cashless convenience:

Flexible – this card can be used as a debit card and as an ATM card. You can make purchases online or in bricks and mortar stores using your Kaiku VISA card. You do, however, need to load up your card before you use it. The Kaiku website tells you exactly how to load up your card so you can use it for cashless shopping. You can also use your Kaiku card to withdraw from Allpoint ATMs. There are over 50,000 ATMs throughout the continental USA, Canada and Mexico, Puerto Rico, and even in Australia and the United Kindom.

Affordable Fees – the Kaiku card does not charge fees for card activation, withdrawals, and balance inquries. However, there is a monthly service fee that you have to pay. You also have to pay fees when your ATM transaction is declined or when you use out-of-network ATMs. These fees are normal for credit cards but Kaiku’s fees are reasonable enough for its cardholders who want cashless convenience.

Mobile – aside from the cashless convenience, the Kaiku card also offers the convenience of being able to monitor your funds through your mobile devices. You can transfer funds and do other transactions securely through the Kaiku mobile application. There are even text messages to alert you about your account balance everytime there is a movement in your account. This information is also available on-demand when you sent a text request.

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