Epson: Printing the Future

Epson is a company that produces a variety of equipment and materials for use in printing. This business maintains a website as well as several corporate offices around the world. It is one of the leaders in the industry.


About Epson

While the company has been around for more than 100 years, its real debut in the United States and internationally came in 1975, when it entered the market here. The purpose of this entry was primarily to supply the computer market with equipment that the company developed itself. However, Epson is well-known for its ink as well as its equipment.

Types of Epson Ink

Epson produces three kinds of ink: their desktop brand, the wide-format brand of ink and a special all-in-one unit.

• Desktop Ink

This business makes its desktop ink for every possible application. These include uses in their variety of Stylus printers and scanners. The cartridges dedicated to Stylus Photo printers come in six, seven and eight colors. This cornucopia of color allows users to create just about every shade and hue that you could need in a high-quality printer. These cartridges are compatible with a wide range of Epson printers such as the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and other members of that series.

In addition to special cartridges for scanners, Epson also produces ink for its series of equipment known as the personal photo lab.

• Wide-Format Ink

Since not everyone uses a standard desktop computer or laptop to print, Epson is ready to handle the challenges presented by these needs. The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is an excellent example of the uses of wide format ink cartridges. Ten cartridges fit in the wide format printer. The color range includes primary colors such as yellow as well as more subtle shades like Vivid Light Magenta.

• All-in-One Ink

Epson even makes a special package of ink known as the Artisan series. You can buy individual colors or a multipack cartridge.

Ordering Ink

Buying ink from this business is as easy as possible in the 21st century. You can find the Epson brand in just about any store that sells electronics and computers. If you are not in the vicinity of such as store, there are still options for buying ink cartridges. Epson maintains a toll-free number for potential customers to use for purchases. They can also use this number to receive customer service and explanations about products and services.

Finally, you can order ink from Epson online. Websites provide images and explanations of each ink cartridge. With just one click, customers can order ink to be delivered in the mail. This places the item in your shopping cart and readies it for shipment. Many such companies maintain a flat-rate for shipping, such as one that charges customers just $7.50 per shipment. All that is required is that you create an account.

Epson has excelled in many areas of this business. The ink that they produce comes in so many varieties that these are sure to please future customers.

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