Eyelash Growth Enhanced My Eye Appearance

Eyes are the windows of your soul as they say. It is because you can tell someone’s character by just looking at his/her eyes. It gives clues to what you have in mind and how you feel. It reflects if you are happy, sad or afraid.

Some people also say that eyes are ageless expression of beauty. It may be is, but your eyes age as you age and that’s a fact. Aging expunge those pretty eyes once you had when you were younger. Your skin starts to dehydrate, crow’s feet beginning to appear, eyelids begin to droop, not to mention the eyelashes and eyebrows that are getting thinner each day; and getting back the beautiful eyes when you were twenty-something takes a little effort. Oh yes, these are all based on my own experience. Would you believe I am using more eye products now than when I was younger? I even used eyelash conditioner to enhance my eyelash growth because I missed so much my batting eyelashes. I was glad that after 3 weeks of using it my lashes became thicker and longer.



I also use eye cream to hydrate the drying skin and reduce the wrinkles, crow’s feet most especially, around my eye area. I am not vain if you think it that way. I just believe that even I am lucky enough to still have perfect visions at the age of forty, taking care of the eye is vital not just to restore eyesight but also to have those vibrant pretty eyes. If you like to enhance your eye appearance just like mine, visit and browse for the products that could help you.

It’s never too late to give importance to your eyes. Protect not only your vision, but your eyes as a whole and let them smile with you when you smile.

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By Rossel

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16 replies on “Eyelash Growth Enhanced My Eye Appearance”

I have straight and rather short eyelashes and I envy those who have curved and thick ones. So I just depend on curlers and mascara!

wow. i’ve always envied little babies’ long lashes, they’re soo adorable! i didn’t realize it applies to adults as well. your eyelashes look amazing! i wish mine were a little longer too. hee hee

Nagsisisi naman ako… I believe I only have my eyes as my physical asset pero malabo na and mas lumabo pa! hihi.. Hmmm… I didn’t wish for long eyelashes ‘coz I feel di sya bagay sa round eyes ko. But still, I want to try products that could enhance more my eyes and remove my dark circles caused by my eyeglasses. 🙂

I have short eyelashes and wish that It is longer and much thicker, but nevertheless carry na rin kasi buti na lang may maskara, but I seldom use it na din kasi recently nagigign teary eyed ako sa sobrang antok hehhehe…nagmumukha akong monster pag kumalat

natawa ako sa naimagine ko sis…nagaaway pala dati (battling) yung mga lashes mo. 😀 (of course i know it’s just a typo…nanunukso lang) 😉

during my younger and kikay days, i am using false eyelashes and colored contact lenses to make my eyes beautiful hehe, i did not know there are products to use to enhance eyelashes growth, well its not yet late, i would consider trying this 🙂

visiting you here sis 🙂

My 67-year-old friend looks younger than she is, I asked her secret and she told me, she was 18 when she started using moisturizers and eye-care cream. 🙂 It’s not vanity – it’s ageing gracefully! Love the outcome!

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