Fabulous Birthday Gifts

I got these gifts from my bestfriend Hazel last June 11, a day after my birthday. I was supposed to receive them on my birthday but we were celebrating out the whole day. Hazel, by the way, is my bestfriend since grade two who is now residing in Adu Dhabi with her family. She told me that she has gift for me but I was not expecting that they are this fabulous.


I love this adorable little brown bear which is now with RJ and these three yummylicious Belgian chocolates…

Bear and Chocolates

But what I love the most is this bouquet of 2 dozens roses, combination of peach and white. They are just beautiful!

Peach Roses

Thank you very much my dearest Bestfriend for always remembering me.


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By Rossel

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4 replies on “Fabulous Birthday Gifts”

how sweet naman ng iyong bestfriend, mommy Rossel. the roses are oh-so beautiful and the chocolates – yum yum!
thanks for sharing your beautiful birthday gifts here on JB. 🙂

Lovely gifts you have there. That’s so sweet of her to give you flowers and chocolates. Not only guy the can do that but also a best friend just like yours.

Belated happy birthday.

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