Fairy Hobmother is Real, Not Digitally Manipulated

Fairies, fey, pixies…are they real? Well, honestly I don’t know. Though I have heard a lot about fairies since I was a child, still, I haven’t seen one in my 40 years of existence. However, there are people claiming that they had fairy encounters.  In fact, there are hundreds of fairy pictures and videos posted on the internet leading people to believe that fairies are real. I looked at the pictures and watched the videos but none of them convinced me…all are digitally manipulated. I am not surprised because with the technology evolving more and more everyday, it is not impossible to do anything you want with  photographs and videos. But somehow, there is this part of me that wants to believe in fairies and hoping to be visited one day.

A few months back, I was blog hopping when I saw a post about the Fairy Hobmother showering pixie dusts all over the blogosphere. It’s one reason why I have been stalking the Fairy Hobmother for months. I want to know if the Fairy Hobmother is real and if he really rewards those who earnestly stalk him. The second reason is I need to replace our 5 year old washing machine. I have been eyeing an automatic washing machine on an online store and I was thinking that maybe the Fairy Hobmother could help me get what I want this holiday season.


To my surprise, the Fairy Hobmother visited me the other day and showered me with pixie dusts. He is real and not like those that are digitally manipulated! Yoohoo!

Do you want to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother and receive a gift this holiday season? This is now the chance for your wish to be granted.  Comment below and try your luck!

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13 thoughts on “Fairy Hobmother is Real, Not Digitally Manipulated

  1. he is indeed real 😀 but i would rather call him a kind and generous individual because we all know that there’s no such thing as fairies 🙂 but regardless i adore him, he is so helpful to all of us bloggers, he sure make our dreams come true. Congratulation by the way

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