Family First – 5 Thoughtful Ways To Show Elderly Relatives You Care This Holiday Season

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The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones. If your elderly relatives live far from you, perhaps in an aged care home, or you simply don’t get to see them too often, now is the time to make your visit special. After all, it’s the festive season! Here are five thoughtful ways to show your dear senior relatives how much they mean to you:

1. Aged Care Physiotherapy

If your relative is in assisted living and recovering from a surgery, or experiencing an ailment that causes aches and pains or mobility issues, organizing an aged care physiotherapy service can be a great help. Sometimes, people in aged care feel it a hassle to arrange for therapies outside their facility or feel too proud to ask for extra help themselves. This is why a gentle physio who specializes in senior health and residential aged care is worth considering. They are experienced in working from residential facilities and creating an individualized experience to support healing and improve mobility or assist with pain management.

2. A Scrapbook / Scrapbooking Together

Scrapbooking is an old-school activity that everyone can still enjoy today and has soothing and positive mood benefits. All you need is some books, pictures, stationery and glue to get into it. It is simple enough that any family member can participate, even if it is just sorting through pictures and choosing the best ones. This is a great opportunity to look back on past memories and milestones in your family and share stories together. You can even prepare some snacks and make a crafternoon of it.

3. Update Your Family Portraits

If the most recent photo your relative has displayed of you is from graduation or a wedding that took place years ago, then now is the perfect time to change that. Print and frame good quality, recent photos of yourself or the kids to give as a gift these holidays. Your relatives will love the chance to show off photos of their loved ones all grown up to their other visitors.

Better yet, if your family portraits are outdated and missing newer family members, make the change these holidays and schedule a day for everyone to get together and take a new portrait when you visit your senior relative.

4. A Family Day Trip

This requires a bit more planning but is always worthwhile. Depending on your relative’s preferences, arrange to go out together on a day trip somewhere like the beach, mountains or countryside. Be mindful to choose somewhere appropriate, for example, if they require a mobility aid, don’t choose a hiking destination. If your relative is in an aged care home or assisted-living, do not surprise them with a day trip on the same day. Run the idea by them in advance so that they can fit in into their schedule and prepare in terms of any medication or aid they may need to bring along.

5. A Spa Session

Some spa and salon treatments are suitable for people of all ages – who doesn’t love a bit of personal attention? Whether it’s your grandma or grandpa, something like a spa foot massage and pedicure can be a great activity for the two of you to enjoy together while also getting pampered. You can also look at relaxation massage and spa packages to give them a more luxury experience. If it is preferable, a mobile masseuse can also be a great way to treat your loved one in the comfort of their home or living space.

No matter which of the above you choose to go with, remember that quality time together is always the best part of any gift.

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