Father of the Bride

My Rating: 7/10

When hubby learned that our theme for this week is about “weddings”, he asked me to post “Father of the Bride”. He likes this movie because he can relate to it. Like George Banks, the father in the movie, we have an only daughter. Hubby sees himself in George Bank’s shoes when our dearest daughter is about to marry.

George Bank’s (Steve Martin) daughter Annie met a man while studying in Europe. When Annie (Kimberly Williams) gets home from a semester, she tells her father that she is engaged to be married to Bryan (George Newbern). How can he give his little girl to a man he barely knows? His mixed feelings about his daughter’s marriage and the wedding cost which he is obliged to handle, make the wedding torturous for him. While he is struggling to cope with Annie’s upcoming wedding, he melancholy look back to all the good times he has had with her.

Father of the Bride is a remake of the the 1950’s Spencer Tracy’s classic. I first saw this movie when I was in third year college. Though this movie does not provide much depth, it has meaningful insight and tells us something about what we value. It could help a daughter to understand his father and the father to understand the pain of separation. It is realistic, touching and likable. It made me laugh and cry at the same time.

“Love is wonderful until it happens to your only daughter.”

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  1. i can't believe i missed watching this one mommmy. i am a sucker for wedding movies kase… better put this on my list. thanks for featuring and for ur nice review. gusto ko kasi ung mga father-daughter themed movies. do u think this father-daughter theme will click among the couchers? hmmm…

    btw, thanks for joining us this week dear. next week, we will feature Spies & COnspiracy movies. till then, take care and have a great weekend!

  2. ??Shydub?? says:

    I have seen the 1 and 2 and it was all funny. Mine is here

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie!!! It's one thing I'm thankful about not having a girl, it's just more difficult! LOL.
    Please see mine here.

  4. I loved part 1 and part 2. This is where I learned that in the states, it's the father of the bride who shoulders most of the costs of the wedding. I like the scene when the woman transforms to a little girl in pigtails and says she's getting married.

  5. Uy, gusto ko din tong movie na to.pati na yung Part two…

  6. John love this movie too.

  7. I remember I enjoyed watching this movie. The lessons in it are good too. I got the DVD 🙂

    Hi Rossell, I joined and got something for you in my TCP post today as well. I linked it up on my name. Happy Tuesday.

  8. i haven't seen it, but now i think i will, hehehe… have a nice week!

  9. i loved this movie too.. i want to have an original DVD of this one!!!

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