Faux Wood vs. Vinyl Blinds

Our venetian blinds are not functioning as they should…both of them. We installed blinds in the terrace to control the light and maintain privacy but now it’s broken. I pulled the cord to open the blinds but it didn’t open. May be the cord has jammed the track and got stuck so I pulled it again…a little harder this time when the cord snapped. Grrr. I am not sure but I think it’s impossible to fix it. It’s our 4th set of vinyl blinds and all of them lasted for just a year. I am wondering if faux wood blinds are more durable.

I can’t decide now what to buy next between vinyl and faux wood blinds. ¬†Aside of course from the quality of materials used, there’s a major difference in color and price. Wood blinds are somewhat more expensive than vinyl but they are available in a much wider variety of colors while vinyl blinds are less expensive than faux wood but they enable more natural light that makes almost any room look better. Nowadays, our options and choices are so varied that we can have plenty to choose from but still I find it hard to decide. Sigh.

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  1. You can improve the decor of your room simply and inexpensively with faux wood blinds, they are indeed more durable.

  2. We chose the faux wood blinds over Venetian. The wood blinds more costly, but it’s actually more durable and looks better on our window.

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