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Hubby is currently on a prepaid plan with his cellular phone. He uses it for texting, making calls, sending pictures and for downloading music. However, he noticed that his monthly prepaid expenses have gone up and he’s thinking of switching to a postpaid plan. I violently disagreed because this will cost him more aside from the fact that he’ll be tied on a contract.

That’s why I envy my sister-in-law when she told me her current prepaid subscription on Straight Talk wherein for just $45 a month, she’ll be able to enjoy The power of Android and unlimited monthly services which include calls, texts, picture messaging and web access. What’s more, they also offer smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features to satisfy your every need, with no contract to worry.

Just imagine the money you’ll save, you might get a brand new android phone plus all the apps you want, of course with Straight Talk’s unlimited use plans. There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. I love the idea that I will Feel Richer with Android while cutting my cell phone bill in half. If only Straight Talk is available here (sigh). But if that happens, then for sure hubby and will be the very first subscribers.

If you want to Feel Richer with Android at only $45/month for unlimited use, you may check the Straight Talk ads below for more details.

The getting richer effect has expanded… by LittleBard95

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