Feeling Sexy

Oh my! Niko is asking us to post picture that is showing some flesh. I don’t know why these themes crossed Niko’s mind. Well, because I am one of those brave girls, I will post mine…and that picture is dyaraaan!Sorry to disappoint you girls, this is the farthest I can go. I am not brave enough to wear string bikinis because of my stretch marks on the upper part of my thighs. Take note, I exerted efforts in losing some weight and flab so I can wear this two piece. See those flab in the tummy area? I don’t care if they are bulging everywhere as long as I feel sexy…lol!

Being sexy doesn’t mean showing more flesh anyway. A fully clothed woman can be sexier than a nude girl. Sexiness is all about the attitude, being confident and loving yourself. If you want to be sexy, be yourself and walk with your head up high.

I am excited to blog hop and to see sexy pictures of my co-Girl Talkers. Want to see them? Join me as I visit Niko’s…

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  1. Love your attitude!
    Totally agree that it's a womans self esteam which makes her sexy, so as long as she loves herself she can be dressed in a super ugly overall and stil look super hot 😉

    much love,


  2. Naku ha at may K ka talaga mag suot ng swimsuit di tulad ko dami bilbil. waaaaaaaa!!

  3. So sexy kakainggit 🙂 At ang sweet pa ni hubby ah 😛

  4. wow! cheers to you!!!

  5. naloka naman ako sa comment mo sakin mommy ross.. eh sino ba ang sexy sa ating 2? hindi ko kaya magsuot ng walang takip ang tyan.. wahaha!!! parang kinalmot ng pusa ang aking tyan.. eh ikaw.. look naman!!! at kitang kita pa shape! inggit ako! waaaah!!!

  6. you are right.. sexiness is more than showing some flesh! 🙂 and you look perfectly sexy to me 😀

  7. aw agree naman ako sa sinabi nio ni hubby mo..korek noh! so sweet of your hub nmn to leave a comment hihih pakilala ka naman! 🙂

    ganyan lng din kaya ko suotin girl.. kc dami ko na rin stretch marks.. bka di matapos mga tao magbilang pag nag strings bikini ako lol hahha

    i shall see u next week sexy girl!

    tc lagi!

  8. Nyaha!Nabasa ko na naman ang comment ni hubby mo dito!Kaya naman pala ayaw kang pakawalan ni mister eh meron ka palang nakatago na sexiness!How envious!!Sana ganyan ka-liit ang tyan ko!!

  9. how sweet nabasa ko message ni hubby mo sis..nakakakilig kayo ha…I can't wear ganyan sis di pa nawala stretch marks ko eh..he..he..you're sexy sis and I agree with you, sexiness is all about attitude:)

    mine's here: http://www.fashionexplorer.net/2010/03/can-i-dare-to-show-some-flesh/

  10. ang sexy mo pala,Mommy Rossel!

  11. i agree sis rossel..we don't need to bare all to be sexy…as long as we are comfortable with what we are wearing…

    Posted mine too at The Three Chies

  12. You're still sexy Rossel. I wish I can wear two-piece like other mommies out there 🙂

  13. at least you can still show off your tummy area.. me? i can't after my cs delivery (kahit bikini cut pa'ko).. haha..

    hi! just bloghopping here.. hope you can visit me back.. happy thursday! 😀

  14. Mel Alarilla says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Being sexy is not just showing flesh and curves but in feeling good and exuding confidence all over. Sexiness can also be accomplished through poise and bearing and confident demeanor. It can also show on the way a girl talk, not the silly giggling type but the supreme confidence that a girl exudes while talking. It can also manifest in the facial expression of the girl, the coy smile and the flirtatious looks in the eyes. I'm a sucker for that come on and seductive look in the eyes of an attractive girl. Feeling sexy and being sexy can sometimes depend on one's attitudes. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  15. now thats showing some flesh! hehe. sexy 🙂

  16. ang sexy mo anman dito Rossel.. Sana lang ganyan ka-flat ang tyan ko

  17. wow, naka two piece si Mommy Sel; ganda ng katawan eh, walang taba…yan ang seksi :-); at si hubby, sobrang sweet talaga as in…agree ako, nasa attitude nga yun at the way you carry yourself …di ba?

  18. oh, ang sexy mo naman mommy. di ko keri ganyan, hehe.. i've got arms of amazona lang naman.. lol..

  19. good for u! ako hindi pa nakapag suot ng ganyan. hehe.

  20. awww… sweet naman ni hubby mo 😉

    oi sis. bilib nga ako sayo e. ako hindi makakapagsuot nyan. wala akong boobs e. wahaha!

    Mine is up too! It's here ?

  21. yang ang FLESH.. saludo ako sayo mommy rossel.. hot mama.. woot woot..

  22. Wow, Miss, pwede bang makipagkilala? Hehehehe. Seriously, kahit ano pa hitsura ng katawan mo, hindi magbabago ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo. And tama ka, sexiness is indeed all about attitude and being confident.

  23. Wahhh! ang sexy mo nga dito eh, 2-piece, di ako pwede dyan, sobrang pangit ng aking tyan, saka marami akong butlig sa likod, ahahahaha! Great picture Mommy Rossel.

  24. ferry'zWILL says:

    wow naman.. sweet naman ni hubby…


    and tama ka Ms. Rossel you don't have to wear nude clothes just to look sexy, kasi dito palang sa two piece mo eh panalo na….

    Happy GT

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