Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 2)

I do not know why most people find it hard to follow instructions or rules on signages. They jaywalk where there is no jaywalking sign, unload on  the places with unloading signs, cross the streets with red traffic lights on, etc. I am not sure if it is the same on the other parts of the world but it is very common here in the Philippines. 
When we went to Parks and Wild Life, there was this Myna bird’s cage with sign “bawal magsabi ng panget o di kanais-nais na salita” (it is prohibited to say ugly or other unlikely words). 
Myna birds can easily mimic human talking that is why. Mostly children and families are visiting the zoos so the zoo administrator is protecting the zoo’s image. I explained this to my daughter when she asked why there is such sign, then we walked away. We were just few steps away when someone in front of the Myna cage shouted “pangit!” (ugly!). What a shame that these people cannot follow simple rules. Oh, again, I am not generalizing. Filipinos are disciplined people. There are only few who love to flaunt their disobedience.
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2 thoughts on “Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 2)

  1. It is really a shame that many of us (Filipinos) do not know how to follow even simple rules wherein it is for our own good. I am sure if all of us will follow these rules, laws etc, our country is far more develop than what we are right now.

  2. You are so right Rossel. When in the Philippines, Pinoys are hard headed and undisciplined. It is only when they are abroad in other countries that they exhibit some semblances of discipline. I have seen signs that says, aso lang ang umiihi dito, but that never deter bull headed Pinoys from urinating in that same spots. At least they should raise their legs like dogs when they want to urinate there, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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