Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 3)

Whenever I go out I always have my camera with me and act as paparazzi ready to take pictures of anything that I find interesting. Good thing that I have it that day and was able to catch these undisciplinary acts. On the signage is “Bawal magbaba at magsakay dito” (loading and unloading here is prohibited/no loading and unloading here).

Filipino Discipline

But the jeep where I and my daughter are riding pulled over right in front of the signage then the barker (the one waving his hand) called for the passengers. Another Filipino discipline at it’s finest that was caught in the act.

discipline at its finest

I just want to clarify that not all Filipinos are like them. It’s sad though that there are few who until now do not know how to follow instructions and rules. When are they going to learn?

By the way, did you notice the man in red? Oh yes, he’s going to pee at the light post, there in public, in broad daylight. Tsk tsk tsk!

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  1. hay naku, bakit kasi may mga di nakakaintindi at ang titigas ng ulo? TAGALOG na nga yung signage diba para mas maintindihan keysa English, pero ganun pa din:( nakakasawa din minsan tong mga to, alam mo yang ganyang klaseng tao yan pa yung nagrereklamo sa gobyerno..

  2. Why am I not surprised anymore… I guess, this is deeply rooted in mis-education of the people. Lack of discipline stems from poor training at home. I hate to sound snooty, but well-off people do show some more discipline than impoverished ones. Education does not have to be in direct proportion to one’s income, but in this country, that is the reality. With education comes discipline. But education here is more of a privilege than a right.

  3. A Woman's Note says:

    Hahaha kakatawa…huli sa camera…buti na lang di mo nilalahat Rossel…kakahiya sa mga hindi noypi hehehe.

  4. kung saan pa nga yun meron nakapaskil na bawal umihi, dun pa ako minsan nakakakita ng ganyan, talaga naman 🙁

  5. C5 @ Ohms & Volts says:

    I do have some shots of this kind just waiting to be posted!

  6. This is so funny but true! Reverse psychology perhaps?

  7. I hope everybody will follow the rules and regulations. So sad many people just don’t care at all. It happens here in too. People just throw their trash everywhere. It is really very annoying most especially when you try your best to follow the rules yet others don’t.

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