First Payment from Product Reviews

Yehey! Just withdrawn yesterday my first payment from my product reviews. Neither that big nor that bad for a starter like me. It’s the first money that I can call my own after resigning from my job 8 years ago. We are earning from our little business but I can’t claim it purely my own for my husband is also exerting efforts there. My heart is singing with glee and until now I can’t spend them. lol!

My only regret is I haven’t learned that I can earn from blogging earlier. Thanks to my mentor in blogging no other than Payatot of Payatot, Lahat dito Chubby (I wonder where he is now), and to Rose of Rose’s Obstacles and Glories for sharing the review sites where we can possibly earn.

For stay at home moms like me who want to earn a little while taking care of your kids, here are the top paying sites again…

I applied also to the following sites but haven’t given any task until now…

Still thinking of applying to these sites…

Thanks again to Payatot and Rose. You guys have big hearts. May our good Lord bless you more.
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  1. just beware of PayingPost. i've heard negative issues about them. I just stopped taking opps from them.

    but i'm still happy for you sis. I have my own share of blogging blessings too. iba pa rin talaga yung sarili mong pinaghirapan.

  2. wow galing naman! ive always wanted to try that pero di q alam hehehe

  3. Wow! Happy for you, Rossel! :):):)

  4. Ayos, sana mas marami pang darating later. Keep it up.

  5. Good job, mine is getting bigger too and I thank my wife for that also!@

  6. Congrats Rossel! Yung pay ko napunta na dun sa pink car ni Ykaie..hehe

  7. Wow, congratulations. As for me, lugi negosyo, ehehe, PR0 kasi ako ngayon, dati PR3 🙁

  8. Congratulations to you,Mommy Rossel!!I'm happy for you!!More power!!^_^

  9. congratulations! good for you.. I wish I have more time to do this, maybe I'll ask my husband to join 🙂

  10. Congrats Ross. You deserve it because you're very hard working. By the thanks for the infos about photoshop. I started working on it. My other blog which is is already a domain. Hoping that I will earn as much as you do someday. We are planning kasi to go on tour for a year around the US.Tke care friend.

  11. wow! Praise God. I am just starting… sayang maagang nawala ang PR2 ko.. aftr 2 months kasi nagka PR2 na pero hindi pa naka pagapply sa paying sites.. when the time approve na 2 weeks nawala na..

  12. wow thank you for sharing this post and congratulation mommy Btw i have an award for you here

  13. Congrats Mommy Rossel, sarap ng pakiramdam diba.. Thanks for the mentioning me also…

  14. Wow, I'd like to earn this way, too! Thanks for sharing the links. I've been wanting to try it out, but hesitate every time. But with your testimony, I think I'll go for it. :)All the best to you!

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