First Time

Before you think of anything else, read this ‘til the end please. Last Saturday was my first time to many things; first time to see ostriches and their eggs, first time to see hedgehogs and deer, my first time in Isabela province and most of all, my first to be a wedding sponsor (until now I am wondering if I am that old, haha!)

I really had fun with hubby and some neighbors/friends. We left Rizal at 5:30pm last Friday and arrived in Santiago City, Isabela at 1:30am, Saturday. It was also my first time to travel that long and it caused me some backaches. We stayed in Spring Garden Resort and slept for only 5 hours. The wedding is at 4 in the afternoon so the group had the time to explore the place that morning. The resort also has mini zoo thus I was able to see ostriches, hedgehogs and deer for the first time.

ostrich, hedgehogs and deer

When afternoon came, I got very excited. Finally, I was able to wear the gown I designed. It’s just simple gold gown with red shawl yet very elegant. I know it could have been more beautiful if accessorized with red lucite flower beads but I don’t want my gown to be more beautiful than that of the bride’s and be the center of attraction. 🙂

wedding sponsor

Those were memorable firsts. We left Isabela the following day with smiles.

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2 thoughts on “First Time

  1. It looked good on you Rossel 🙂

    by the way I am pretty sure you passed by our province when you went to Isabela 🙂

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