Food Business for 2010

As most of you know, hubby and I are operating a small business for nine years. We are purchasing shoes, bags, apparels and beauty products then our dealers are selling them. Our greatest sale was on 2007 and 2008 that made hubby think if he’s going to resign from his job. Good that he didn’t for our sales decreased by 50% last year and seems we still can’t get even this year. This global economic crisis greatly affected our business. Of course who would buy shoes, bags and clothes every week? People’s priority now is food so I am thinking of shifting to food business maybe mid this year. As the saying goes, we should sail with the wind.

Shifting to food business means starting from scratch. We have to market again our “would be” business. Though hubby hasn’t made his mind for the food business yet, I am thinking of a design for a new business card. Business card is the most valuable tool in marketing a business and products. Good thing is we can now order business cards online. It is very beneficial because we don’t need to visit the print shop. It is cheap and we can choose different designs and different templates. In short we can have variety of printing options. In order for the business card to be effective, it must have an appealing design and layout that is why printing option is important.

I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to us!


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  1. Good luck with your new business & your business cards 🙂

  2. kelangan ba talagang iwan ang kusina mo? pr2 na kasi sya sayang naman yun di ba?

  3. good luck for your business ross. I am also thinking of going into food business particularly a grocery store someday when we go back home in the philippines and live there permanently. I am crossing my finger for you new business venture.

  4. i had a food business at the university belt in Manila when i was still there. it was really good but when they renovated the building, the owner didn't allow us to renew our lease contract and if we want to rent the renovated space, we need to pay additional (very high) rent. so i decided to stop the business than working on it then the income will just go to the rent. Food business is good if you have nice location.

    Thanks for the visit anyway sis.

  5. Running a business is hard nowadays…Wish you a success, Rossel and thanks for the info

  6. Running a business is hard nowadays…Wish you a success, Rossel and thanks for the info

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