Forest in the City

La Mesa Eco Park is located in Quezon City. This is also where La Mesa Water Shed, the primary source of drinking water of Metro Manila residents, is located. La Mesa Eco Park is a 2000 hectare forest and park, surrounding the water shed. It is a great place for field trips and family outings.

La Mesa Eco Park one of RJ’s field trip destinations when they were in second grade.

La Mesa Eco Park Playground
La Mesa Eco Park Flower Terraces
La Mesa Eco Park

Located at the park are the following:

•Superferry Boating Lagoon and Pavillion
•Eco Museum
•Paintball Field
•Pool and Bath House
•Fishing Wharf
•Shell Flower Terraces
•Aquatic Center
•Petron Fitness Trail
•Butterfly Trail and Hatchery
•Mini Forest

There are also playground for the kids, souvenir shop and pavilions for functions/occasions. It is good to know that there is still forest in the city where you can enjoy nature and breathe fresh air.

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  1. enjoy na enjoy talaga ang mga bata!

    dropping by from Green Monday..see you at my green plates and play house.Have a great Monday!

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