Forgetful Me

I am more forgetful these days. Last July 4 a Parenting seminar was held in my daughter’s school and it was conducted by Ms. Sandy Andolong. I forgot to note it on my planner so I was not able to attend. There was also a time that I forgot to put my daughter’s water jug in her bag so she went to school without water. Yesterday, my daughter had her art class. Their art class is once a week, every Wednesday. The materials to be used for their art class yesterday was given last week and I forgot to give her the materials. She was not able to do her craft. It was so irresponsible of me. I was so grateful that their teacher in arts, Ms. Charity Planteras, is so kind that she allowed my daughter to do her arts at home. This apparent loss of information in my memory happens most of the time and it’s getting worse everyday. I think my central nervous system is beginning to slow down due to aging. lol!

According to experts the following are the specific explanations for forgetting:
Fading occurs when we can no longer recall information from our memory because of disuse.
Interference occurs when information gets confused with other information in our long-term memory.
Retroactive interference occurs when information works backwards to interfere with earlier information.
Proactive interference occurs when current information is lost because it is mixed up with previously learned, similar information.
Distortion refers to the misrepresentation of information that occurs when an imperfect image is recalled from long-term memory.
Supression refers to the subconscious urge from within our personalities to obliterate unpleasant or threatening information from our memories.

I wonder where mine falls. From now on I need to take note of all my daughter’s school activities and other things too. Hope it would work. Worst if I forget that I have planner. lol!

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  1. I think taking vitamins helps. Like iyong vitamins for the memory. 🙂

    Have a nice day, Rossel! 🙂

  2. amiable amy says:

    Baka dahil sa meds mo, diba may medicine ka na iniinum? Better write it down nalang para d mo malimutan.

  3. As a person grows older kasi, mas marami nang iniisip. So siguro, isa din yan. Not just because of age per se but because of the increasing number of things one needs to pay attention to.

  4. naku sis, ayokong mag advice. alam ko baka focus lang kelangan natin to keep things on track. siguro ganun lang talaga pagka madaming iniisip. pero kawawa din si little girl no, di nakapag participate sa art class nila…tsk, tsk, tsk!

  5. thanks for the tips sister

    ganyan nmn tlga ata pag nanay na.. dami na nakakalimutan.. naku ako nga tukso na saken ng husband ko ulyanin na ko eh hehhe

  6. Naku sister nga talaga kita kahit sa forgetfulness aspect parehas tayo…

  7. oo nga eh ang bz natin kulang nalang sweldo kasi more than full time job to eh..heheh tc

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