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Sometimes, business managers tend to overlook the attitudinal and self-development needs of their employees. There are times when you simply have to infuse fresh ideas into your workforce. It does not have to be a specific skill. It can be something motivational or something that can shift their mindset towards a more positive and productive outlook. To make it look less imposing, it might be a good idea to tap external resource speakers to share their expertise with your employee force.

fresh ideas The most difficult part of this exercise is choosing what topic to cover and who to invite to speak to your workforce. This is a matter that is best discussed with your human resource managers and your business unit managers. Find out what attitudinal issues are present and come up with a common ground on what topic would best address these issues. You can also have an employee engagement activity to find out what your employees feel would be of best value to them. Find out what they are interested in learning about or who they want to hear the fresh ideas from. In the end, your employees will appreciate all the effort you are exerting to help them improve themselves.

Alternatively, you can find out if there are popular motivational speakers in your area who can be invited for a session to share fresh ideas with your employees. It is not uncommon for motivational speakers to go on tours and hop from one speaking engagement to another. You have to be prepared though because the schedules of these speakers are often hectic. You might want to inquire way ahead of time to increase your chances of being squeezed into a particular speaker’s tour schedule.

Whatever way you choose to pick your speaker, you have to make sure that the speaker you are inviting has something relevant and substantial to offer to your employees. You are likely to spend a small amount for this kind of an employee activity. And you want your employees to pick up as much as they could from the speaker you are inviting. Consider this as a small investment towards increasing your employees’ competencies and motivating them to do more for your company.

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