Funny yet Cute

Pink shirts and polo for men are becoming famous everyday. Yes, gone are the days that pink are for the girls and blue are for the boys. I find men in pink alluring including this one that wears pink top, skirt and pink wig! Funny yet cute!

Man in Pink

This is one was of the sights in Bakewell Carnival that is celebrated every July. The town assembles procession of floats to raise money for charity. Thank you Tita Melba for this photo and for the info.

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11 replies on “Funny yet Cute”

Actually its not a dress its a top and skirt!! Considering me and my friend bought them. N it wasn’t just him all the lads and girls had the same on.

Very funny!!! I will say, that growing up in the 80’s pastel shirts in pink and purple were all the rage for men and I liked it, but I was a teenager at the time! I do love it whenever people feel free enough to just have fun and express a bit of themselves! So glad I found you on VoiceBoks!! I’m now a happy follower!!

Yea I’ve seen men wearing pink here in the US too but most of them wear either a pink t-shirt, polo shirt or a pink long sleeves. I’ve seen one on TV a golfer wore a pink slacks. He looked nice though.

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