Get the Most of Your Retirement

Current peso-dollar rate is P43.03 – 1USD. Paging economist, can you please enlighten me on this? It is said time and again that if the peso goes lower against the US dollar, it means our economy is doing good and that the peso has more purchasing power. But recent events contradict this: non-stop increase in oil and oil products resulting to fare hikes and higher utility expenses, increase of prices of cooking oil, chicken, pork, sugar and other basic commodities.

The unstable economy is our country’s problem for years but still I am not losing hope that someday the economy will get better. Still, I am thinking and dreaming of grand retirement for me and my husband. And while I am waiting for the economy to get better, I am hoping to invest in something tangible like gold. How I wish that we have here Individual Retirement Account that is tax-free growth of any earnings just like in other countries. It can be used as supplement to 401k gold and also for silver and gold coins, platinum, bullion. Yet, in order to make the best choices we need to think and plan carefully. But I think Gold IRA is the most beneficial.

Gold has been rising for the past ten years and if you’ll invest it in IRA it will become an ultimate asset. IRA gold always seem to step ahead of anything else whether the economy is up or down that is why investors are placing physical gold in IRA.

Retirement is the beginning of a new stage in your life. It is wise to plan ahead to get the most out of it. Set up a Gold 401k plans or contact your tax or financial advisor for your gold IRA transfer.

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  1. The typical American is actually clueless in terms of personal financial planning, and also generally will not look for assistance from a financial adviser till very late. We want to begin teaching our children fundamental financial planning as well as investment. We should all learn how to become more self-sufficient. Depending on the government to provide for the future is actually unsafe.

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