Girls Talk-I Love Me!

Girls Talk is a new Thursday meme from Girls Rule!, Niko’s new blog. Today’s theme is “I Love Me“. I am not thinking much about what I want being a girl until today. Not an easy question.

What I want being a girl? hmmm…

1. I can nag, ehehe! When men nag, they are branded as gays.

2. We can go to public restrooms in group and it give us chance to gossip. lol!

3. Men have to kill cockroaches and mice for us and I love that.

4. It’s ok for us to be branded as shopaholic. I love shopping!

5. We are caressed and stroked more than men. lol!

6. Men are spoilers. I love being babied and spoiled.

7. We love to cry. It’s our outlet when we are sad, down, depressed, frustrated. Sometimes we cry just because we want to and it feels good. Men are ashamed to do it.

8. Men are more interested in objects and things rather than people and feelings. Girls on the other hand, value love, communication, beauty and relationship. We are more showy and sensitive and I love that.

9. Girls developed earlier mentally when it comes to talking, communicating, writing and we have good memory than men. I love overpowering men on that aspect.

10. Women never wrong. Apologizing is the man’s responsibility. lol!

Join us at Girls Talk and share what you want being a girl.

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  1. I like your answers girl! ^_^ lalo na un bine-baby tayo ni hubby.
    I also like this GIRL TALK MEME ni niko ^_^

  2. Girls nga is tagged as softie talaga at isa na ako dun especially on nagging lol!!^_^

  3. i love to be pampered too and i think its one of the best privileges we get as a woman. Girls Rule!!

    Till next week.

  4. i agree with number 10 all the way! that is precious! actually, yan ang lagi ko sinasabi sa asawa ko. dahil sya ang guy, sya dapat nagaapologize kahit ako ung mali. hihi.

    btw, mine's here:

  5. Women were never wrong??? wohoo!!! that's sooo great, hehehe. Yes, we are being babied, and I love that too. Basically, all your answers were great, hahaha!!! How are you Rossel? and the family, give my regards to them..Have a great day!

  6. i kept on nodding while reading but your number 10 made me smile widelyyyyyyy 🙂 that is so correct! LOL

    thanks for joining this week girl! see you next week.. ayt?

    hugs & kisses,

  7. i love your answers. and i agree to all of them esp the last part. hehe!

  8. We love to cry<- its our way of expressing ourselves... mine is up now.

  9. hahaha, i so love the number 10; it is so true!

  10. I definitely agree =) we have the right to nag lol..

  11. great list! i'm smiling while reading coz it's true!#5 and #6 you've spelled out what's in me..LOL!

  12. this is cute

  13. Yes, girls develop ahead of the boys physically and mentally! 🙂 Ska we have woman's intuition! Add ko nga to! 🙂

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