Giving Your Employees a Good Break

You don’t want your employees slacking off and spending more time in the employee lounge than they do in their work station. But, you still want to give them the good break time that they deserve. They do need a little breather to keep them going through the day. Unless you have Energizer bunnies as employees, you need to provide an employee lounge with the right amenities that will give your employees the energy boost they need in the middle of their work days.

good break time

In some offices, there are actually cubicles where employees can have their naps. This is, of course, applicable to those with people working the night shift or odd hours. At the very least, you need a couch and a dining table with chairs. A space-saving alternative is a long counter with bar stools where your employees can eat their meals. You also need to have a sink and perhaps a refrigerator.

Food and Beverages

If you have the budget for it, you can have free flowing coffee brewing the entire day so that your employees can have their caffeine fix anytime of the day without having to run out of the office to their favorite coffee shop. You also need to have a water cooler dispenser. Those with bigger budgets for employee perks would have a stocked snack bar for their employees. These are usually stocked with quick snack items like peanuts, trail mix, Twinkies, chips, crackers, and cookies.


You don’t want an entire entertainment and gaming system in your employee lounge. You can maybe have a television set so your employees can watch the noontime news during their lunch break. A more budget friendly option is to simply have soft mood music and a number of magazines and newspapers for your employee’s enjoyment.

No matter how big or small your company is, you need to make sure that your employees feel that you care for them. You can keep the professional relationship yet show your concern for them by ensuring that they have a place where they can have a good break and shake off their work related kinks during the day. After having a short but good break time, your employees will be more energized to work and will love you more for it.

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