Great Halloween Costumes

I nearly forgot that before Christmas, we’ll be celebrating Halloween first. It’s been a year when we had our very first trick or treat here in our subdivision. I was one of the organizers. The kids in our neighborhood experienced what it is like having trick or treat. They made their rounds wearing their funny and spooky Halloween costumes. We had judges who chose the best costumes and of course the three winners got cash prizes. My daughter RJ didn’t win maybe because her costume was not good enough. I want her to win this time so I am beginning to look for costumes in the malls but looking for great Halloween costumes is pain especially in the country that is not celebrating Halloween traditionally. So I searched the web and found Costume Cauldron, an on-line store of Halloween costumes. Wow! There is much to choose from but I like the Celestial Sorceress and the Vampire costumes the most. These two costumes are cute and can be spooky too if wear with prosthetics, fake blood and make-ups as finishing touches.

If you are like me looking for your kid’s Halloween costume ideas, well struggle no more. Just visit Costume Cauldron, the web’s finest theater and Halloween on-line store. For sure you’ll find there what you are looking for because there is much to look through. They have vast collection of funny and cute costumes for boys and girls. You can look for your costume too for they also have costumes for adults as well as plus size costumes.

If you’re going to order now, they will send your package free of charge via standard shipping (7-10 days) if your total order is equal to or more than $75 before the packaging fee and your shipping address is within the continental United States. This offer will end on September 15, 2009. So don’t waste time, order now and avail of their current promotion.

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  1. Hi Rossel, time sure flies, already Halloween coming near, and then will be the arrival of that fat guy in red suit, ha ha.
    Have fun, treat or trick, Lee.

  2. Malapit na ang halloween!!At ready na ang bahay ko for Halloween party–maraming spider web lol!!

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