Ground Support For Military Devices

The United States Military runs missions all over the world with a variety of airborne and ground vehicles. Planes, tanks, drones and infantry all need ground support gear. This equipment provides a variety of things for the soldiers who are putting themselves on the line.

ground support equipmentSafety

Safety equipment on military vehicles can only tell the pilot or driver so much. Even the most skilled pilot in the world cannot interpret every thing that is happening with their plane. A ground support team can tell the pilot everything that is happening with the plane. This information helps the pilot to determine what move to make next. Drivers and pilots can evacuate their vehicle based on this information, and they can turn around and head home if the problems allow them to return.


A pilot or driver can check computer equipment in their vehicle to learn where they are in relation to a map. However, a ground support team can provide much better information because they have the time to check routes and directions. The driver or pilot who must remain focused on their mission will be safer if they are receiving directions and trajectories from a ground support team.


The lines of communication must remain closed for many pilots and drivers in the military. They stay in constant contact with their ground support team to learn what is happening around them. Quality ground support equipment allows the pilot or driver to communicate with their superiors regarding extra phases of their missions.

Also, pilots cannot see the targets that they hit. Planes move very fast, and pilots need confirmation that they have completed their mission. The communication lines offered by the ground support team can tell a pilot to make another pass or come home. Pilots can only see so much, and they rely on what they hear from the ground support team.

Each of the items above allow for pilots and drivers to remain safe. The communication, direction and safety information a ground support crew provides to a pilot or driver makes the mission safe, effective and as short as possible.

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