Grow Old Gracefully and Beautifully

New Year means another year older. That also means another line on the forehead and few more strands of eyelashes will be dislodged. I am not worried of those added years to my age. I am worried more of how I will look like 10 years from now. Why cannot we stay a vivacious twenty forever?  I have tried different creams promising reversal of aging process but nothing worked so far. They just slow down the aging process, not reversing it. So I stopped trying new facial creams. I just stick to my old brand and tried eye lash and brow conditioner instead.

As I get older, my eyelashes get thinner too. Below are pictures of my eyes taken before I use Ilash, an eye lash and brow conditioning gel that can give longer and fuller lashes and brows in as fast as 3 weeks. As you can see in the picture I have thin eyelashes.

Just like the facial creams, I was about to lose hope on getting long, thick and full eyelashes when I learned that I can grow them back the natural way through the help of Ilash. I was hesitant at first because I have allergies but the label says it is safe to use by people like me who have allergies. It can be bought on selected dermatological clinics or you may clear here to order, free of delivery charge.

After three weeks of using Ilash, here are my eyelashes, thicker and longer. I am excited how long they will get after 2 months of continuous use.

I know we do not need to worry much about aging as getting old means strength and survivorship but if we can grow old gracefully and beautifully, why not?

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  1. Try our I-lash Natural extension. Makes the eyes really pop-out. Look 5 years younger. Really Great. =)

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