Growing Business for the Plus Size

It is reality that there is a growing problem of obesity around the world. In the United States alone, 65% or Americans are overweight and 31% of these are obese. While supermodels flaunting in glossy magazines and strut the catwalks seem to be getting skinnier, more and more people are getting bigger each day.

I remember when I attended a friend’s wedding. It seems like the bride came from a family with fuller figure. The mother of the bride dresses plus size, plus two of the bridesmaids and so is the bride. Yet, they all look stunningly beautiful in their fabulous gowns. Somehow, the fashion world as well as the retailers noticed the increasing demand for the plus size clothing.

A few years back, shopping for fuller figures was tiresome and distressing. There was the difficulty of finding clothes to fit not to mention the disappointment one has to endure because the clothes that he/she loves so much and dying to wear is not available in bigger sizes. But now, there are many options for plus-sized men and women as more and more stores for fuller figures continuous to emerge from department stores to online stores. Because of the huge demand, retailers believe that this trend will continue to exceed the standard fashion industry in terms of sales growth and see a huge opportunity to grow profits in the plus size business in the coming years.

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