Gun Owners Need Protection Too

Even if you own a gun for the purpose of protecting yourself and your family, did you know that you could still end up needing a great deal of additional protection, too? Although you may be ok in the area of physical strength when it comes to a home intrusion, the legal – and ultimately the financial – liability can end up to be quite substantial should you end up being sued by the very intruder who entered into your home.

protection from burglary

Yes, you read that correctly – even if someone comes into your home illegally with the intent to steal your belongings or harm your family, and you fire your weapon at them in self defense, you could essentially end up being the defendant in a civil liability lawsuit – a legal battle that could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and attorneys fees before it’s all said and done.

With this in mind, even if a home intruder doesn’t get away with your physical possessions, you may still essentially be robbed of your assets and your savings in fighting a lengthy and costly legal battle in order to protect yourself.

Adding an Extra Layer of Protection for Gun Owners

The good news is that gun owners can now protect themselves financially from such lawsuits with self defense insurance. These policies are designed to give gun owners peace of mind – especially given the legal maze that they may be required to go through after shooting someone in self defense. While many people may assume they are covered under their homeowners insurance policy for this type of liability, in most instances, this is not the case.

Who Needs Self Defense Insurance Coverage?

When it comes to obtaining self defense insurance coverage, anyone who owns a firearm should seriously consider purchasing a policy. This should be the case even if they’ve never had the occasion to use their gun to defend themselves – because you just simply never know when the time will come.

Affordable Protection That is More than Worth It

Many gun owners who apply for self-defense insurance are happily surprised to discover that coverage is very affordable. These types of policies can typically be purchased for between $20 and $30 per month in premium – depending on the specific benefit options and coverage amounts that are selected.

In many cases, self defense insurance policy holders can select from several different dollar amounts of coverage for the lawful shooting limit, the criminal defense expense limit, and the overall policy aggregate limit – which can be as high as $500,000 on certain plans.

These policy funds can go a long way in protecting one’s assets and in preventing someone from diminishing savings and other assets, digging a deep hole of high interest credit card debt, or – even worse yet – having to file for bankruptcy, all because they were simply trying to protect themselves and their family from a senseless crime.

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