Hats Off to Hardworking Filipino Workers

I don’t know how long he stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to sweep and keep the sand out of the road. I am wondering how much he is earning per hour. I just hope he is not one of the underpaid Filipino workers.

Filipino workers

Scenarios like this help me to appreciate more my part time job. I can work in the comfort of my home at my preferred time. I don’t need to inhale all the dust and be burnt under the fiery heat. On the other hand, this man is still lucky for having his job as there are many jobless Filipinos. I admire his fortitude and diligence.

According to statistics, the total number of unemployed Filipino workers as of 2011 is 2.9 million. Most of them are newly graduates that are being added to the labor force each year. Some of them are those who still believe on the traditional jobs; that the graduates of nursing should work as nurses, graduates of engineering should be engineers, and so on and so forth. They don’t realize that the country has over supply of labor force on popular careers like nursing. I can’t blame the licensed professionals who prefer to work non-traditionally; call center agents, sales agents, product dealers, etc. It is better to work non-traditionally yet earn as much or maybe more than to be jobless.

Hats off to all hardworking Filipino workers!

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  1. I’m sure underpaid sila. minsan nga pati walis sila pa bumibili eh.

  2. I thought I’d share with you a very relevant comment which I read in my Facebook news feed yesterday: “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

  3. I have wanted to take pics of the metro sweepers as I go past them while riding the FX to Manila. Kaya lang by the time nakalabas na cam ko, wala na sila. I wanted to blog about them din eh.

  4. Reality is, many of our fresh graduates even if they have these traditional jobs opt to utilize their knowledge to venues which offer high pays. Naturally, since our economy is in deep hole and they’re just being practical to survive.

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