Have “Me” Time and Rejuvenate

It would be a very busy 2011 for me. Would it mean bye bye to “me” time? Oh no! I will make sure to have “me” time (time for myself) even once a month. It is very important for work-at-home Moms like me to avoid those Mom burn out. But how would I do that with my busy schedule? Does it mean more frizzy hair for me?

Good thing there is Babybliss Pro to straighten those curls on my bangs. As some of you know I was born with natural wavy hair. Last year I had my hair rebounded. But because of the abnormal hair fall, I decided to give my hair a break for a while. With Babybliss Pro hair dryer and iron, it will not be hard to achieve the rebounded-like hair. And to protect my hair from agression, dryness and dullness caused by heat from regular ironing, I will use Kerastase and regain its substance and transform it to its youthful look again.

Of course, L’oreal would be a big help too. Who would forget L’oreal, the brand used by most professionals? From shampoo to repair masque, my hair would receive those nourishment it needs with the help of L’oreal intense repair.

With our juggling acts working around kids, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking, etc., we need to remain sane and the best thing to do is to have “me” time and and use products that will help us rejuvenate.

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By Rossel

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