Hazel, My Childhood Friend

“When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, 

you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.”
This is my childhood friend and my best friend, Hazel. A very smart woman with a big heart. She was the first one who helped my family when they were devastated by typhoon Ondoy.

I still remember the first day we met. We were in Grade 2 and I was a transferee. She was the first one who approached me and asked, “Bata, bata, anong pangalan mo?” We were both amazed because we have the same family name. We learned that we’re distant relatives. From then on, we were together everyday until 4th year high school. We’re both choir members in our parish and we’re both teaching Catechism.

We parted ways when we were in College because she studied in Manila while I remained in the province but we were together every summer. We had so many happy and memorable moments, swimming, parties, fiestas, “lupakan”, and so forth. I won’t be finished typing until December if I post more of our stories, lol!

To make the story short, she is now based in Abu Dhabi with her family. We make sure that we meet and go out every time they are coming home. The picture below was taken last January with our other friend from high school, Mylene.

Hazel, Me and Mylene
 “We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.”
~Robert Browning~

According to Aristotle, there are 3 kinds of friendships, the genuine friendships and two other forms: one based on mutual usefulness, the other on pleasure. These two forms only last for as long as there is utility and pleasure involved, whereas genuine friendship does not dissolve. (source)
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  1. aww… genuine friends indeed… nagdadamayan sa oras ng kagipitan… oh dba? kakatuwa ate ross… you've got your geunine and best-friend with you…

  2. ay ang galing naman.. from grade 2 until highschool magkasama kau ever.. siguro nag iyakan kau nung maghihiwalay na kayo nung college hiihh

    thanks for joining GT ha!!! happy weekend rossel!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  3. wow, you really found your true friend. ang saya na kahit magkahiwalay kayo you still get to have bonding at di talaga nawawala ang friendship nyo

  4. that is so sweet of her for helping your family out during the typhoon.you both are lucky to have each other.

  5. that is soo nice! having your true friends all throughout this years!

    u may view mine here

  6. Wow! genuine friendship talaga di yan matutunaw. you're lucky for having a wonderful best friend. kala ko magpapakulot ka rin bago nagpapicture with hazel, hehehe! Have a great day Mommy Rossel.

  7. thanks for sharing your your childhood friend sis..

  8. talagang friends love at all times!!

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