Helpful Insect Predators

The first thing that come in our mind when we heard the word predator is killer. Not all predators are freakish and horrifying. After watching the television this morning, I have learned that insect predators like lizards, frogs, spiders and bats are indicators of a healthy environment. Each group may have different life cycle and habits but one thing is for sure, the lesser they are, the risky it is for the environment. There will be more insects thus an imbalance in the ecosystem. Maybe this is one reason why the Dengue mosquitoes are continuously breeding and spreading. I seldom see lizards and haven’t seen frogs for years now. If these predators become endangered, more diseases will be spread by insects.
These predators can be found in our house, yards and their natural habitats. If we will only allow them to live, they can help to stop the spread of these killer mosquitoes. That is how helpful these predators are.

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  1. I agree, these predators are extremely helpful. Not only are bats helpful for getting rid of insects, guano is the best plant fertilizer known to man, which also helps the environment. – It such a shame that bat number are on the wane, and the number of other helpful predators. Hopefully more people appreciate these animals and let them live, and help them to live.. By providing them with a place to live.

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