Helpful Smartphone Apps For Business Start-Ups

The start-up period is one of the most crucial parts in running a business. As such one couldn’t blame new business owners for keeping a close tabs on their operations and wanting to run it even when they are on the go. It’s a good thing that the mobile technology that people enjoy today have facilities to allow businessmen to run their enterprise anytime and anywhere. Most business owners, executives, and employees are quite familiar with Smartphone apps for business like Skype, Dropbox, and Office Suites. But here are some more apps that can help amp up your efficiency in running the business:

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1. Evernote is a free application that can work with iPhone, Blackberry, Pre, Windows and Android platforms. This app can help you store loads of information like handwritten notes, texts, images, audio files, web clippings etc. You can store your bright business ideas even while you are walking by simply recording it and storing it in your smartphone.

2. Timewerks. This application is available for iPhone and iPad users. It’s a time tracking app that allows you to monitor how much time is being spent for a project. At the same time it also has an invoicing feature where you can prepare the invoice and send them to your client. It is ideal for promoting sales and managing projects. This smart phone app for business comes at a cost of $9.99. Quite measly compared to the benefits you get.

3. i-Clickr Power Point Remote. This cool app eliminates the need for a Power point clicker every time you have a presentation. Just swipe the screen as you go through each slide and manage your presentation time precisely. It is one savvy tool for an impressive presentation.

4. Jott for iPhone. Those who want to make every minute productive tend to multi task even when they are not supposed to. Texting while driving is one road safety violation that some people tend to ignore. These people can stop this deadly habit by downloading Jott and using it to record their messages instead of texting them. The recording will be converted to text messages and sent to their contact.

5. WorldMate Live is a free application for the businessman on the go. It features a currency converter with current rates, weather forecasts, and time zone references. You may also store your flight itinerary through this app and make sure you stay on track with your scheduled travels. There are other smartphone apps for business that are available in the market today. One simply has to pick out the ones that can provide the most help for running the business.

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