High-Index Lens

Since last week, whenever I am using the computer for a long time, I am getting sore, burning eyes and sometimes I am having blurry visions. I need to consult an optician this weekend. May be I need to wear eyeglasses. I can’t imagine myself wearing a pair of eyeglasses though. I think I will look a lot older than my age.

It’s great to know that there are stylish frames available now and that there are also what they call high-index lenses. High-index lens materials may be tend to cost more than standard plastic lenses, but it is thinner and lighter making it more comfortable to wear. It has impacted eyeglasses in a very significant way. It is made of a special plastic material that refracts light in a different way than regular plastic lenses. They are available in wide variety of indices from 1.50 to 1.74. The higher the number, the thinner the lenses are.

Contact lenses are wonderful alternative to spectacles and will allow me to enjoy clear uncompromised vision but it is a lot more expensive. What I can afford as of now are spectacles so ones with high-index lenses would be great. Of course, aside from comfort and affordability, the quality of the product and durability must be considered also.

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  1. I have that problem too ross many years ago. I bought an eyeglass in our little city but I think I got the wrong indices because my vision is a little bit blurry. Fortunately hubby sent me to an ophthalmologist and have my eyes examined. Now I have a pair of nice, good quality eyeglasses. Thanks to my dear persistent hubby.

    Thanks for the info Ross and have a nice day.

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