Holiday Business Ideas for Enterprising Individuals

The country is known for its long Christmas season that starts as early as September (the first of the “Ber” months). At the onset of this month, Christmas carols and decors in commercial establishments start to whet shopping appetites for the gift giving season. This presents a couple of business opportunities that can bring extra income for the household. Enterprising individuals can look into these holiday business ideas and make some money this Christmas season.


Food Business

christmas cookies
Social calendars get filled with events and gatherings during the Christmas season. One can take this opportunity to offer unique or specialty dishes that can be catered in these events. Part time entrepreneurs who are interested in food can look into food trays, food gifting, and food carts as good holiday business ideas. A single specialty dish can be a hit for potluck parties or small events. Food gifting has become a tradition in some families so tasty treats are sure to be on a lot of shopping lists this season. Fruit cake, ham, pastries, chocolates, and native delicacies are some of the tried and tested food gifts during Christmas. Part-time entrepreneurs can also take advantage of food events or bazaars that are abound this season. Classic fares like puto bumbong, bibingka, and salabat are sure hits for the Simbang Gabi crowd but a fresh addition can make your food cart stand out.

Novelty Gift Items

Christmas market
People often prefer to give gifts that make their recipients feel special. Tap your creative side and whip-up some unique trinkets, personalized items and whatnots. Trinkets and small items that can be bought on a budget are sure hits for shoppers who have a long Christmas list and students. Rare finds and made to order novelty items are expected to come with a higher price tag compared to regular items. Having a good variety of quality products is one way of ensuring profits this season. If you are not the type who whip-ups novelty items, then you may scout for these items in flea markets or product fairs and sell them to those who don’t have the time to shop.

Christmas Decors

Christmas decorations
Homes, schools, and work places come alive with festive decors throughout the season. Coming up with fresh decors that fit the holiday themes can help bring in the funds you need for the season.

These are only three of the holiday business ideas that you can grab this season. You may find other ideas that fit your passion and interest.

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