Honestly, I Don’t Know

What is the most expensive food I had? I don’t know really. I have been to hotels and first class restaurants because of friends and relatives’ wedding but I had no idea how much is the cost of foods served per plate or per head. And honestly, hubby hasn’t treated me yet to 5 star hotels’ fine dining. So specifically, I don’t know what is the most expensive food I had. But then, there were times that our bill reached P1, 500 ($35) when we eat out. I don’t know if that can be considered as expensive. Quite it may be, but not expensive enough to be called as expensive. Ang gulo ko!

Most of the time, when hubby asks me out for lunch or dinner, I compute first and if I think it will reach to more than a thousand, I prefer to cook and we just eat at home.

I want to share with you four of the most expensive foods in the world.
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. The prices for this spice go around. US$1100–US$11,000 per kilogram. Saffron is a spice or seasoning made from the stigma of the Saffron Crocus plant.

White truffle or Alba truffle is the most expensive mushroom in the world. The price ranges from $1350 – $2700 per pound. This is very difficult to find and cultivate that is why it is expensive.  
Almas Caviar is the most expensive caviar. It is Beluga caviar in white appearance. It is obtained from albino sturgeons found in the Caspian Sea that are at least 70 years old. £25,000 per kilo.
Kobe beef from Japan is the most expensive meat in the world. It refers to cuts of beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, a breed of cattle that produces highly marbled beef of astounding flavor and tenderness. The price is $400 to $500 per kilo.
I don’t know if I will be able to eat some of the most expensive food in the world. May be in my dreams. lol!

Head on to Girls Talk for expensive foods.

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  1. Dona Havis says:

    hello thanks for the blog.

  2. Kirby Kiest says:

    I found your blog using Google and I must say this is one of the most informative blogs I have read in a while. I will make sure I come back to read your future posts.

  3. mahal na sa akin sis yong aabot ng more than 1K but ok lang if on special occasions. ako din sis kelan din kaya ako makatikim ng mga mahal na pagkain na mention mo…

  4. wahh i never tried kobe beef paano kaya un gawin? hehehe

  5. Hi Rossel,
    same here…wishing I was a high paying celebrity who can wine and dine in the most expensive and luxurious restaurants in the world! But that's just me day dreaming! Anyway, one of the food for so long I have wanted to taste is Lamb! I mean real lamb. It's very expensive here and I have been tempted to save a up for this expensive meat and prepare a sumptuous meal to share with my family!

  6. natwa ako sa pagcompute moment mo kc nakkta ko hub ko sa u.. hihih cook n lng daw sya sa bahay kesa gumastos 😀

    galing ng post mo me trivia pa ihih 🙂 galing

    thanks for joining Gt ha.. happy weekend!!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  7. dati rin 500-1000PHP na ang pinaka-mahal sa kin.. Naku yang Kobe beef na yan, hinahanda ko na ang sarili ko dahil super sarap daw yan. Kinokontra ko lang si honey kapag gusto nya ako pakainin ng kobe beef, namamahalan din kasi ako.. kaya wait na lang kami ng important ocassion para makakain nyan.

  8. Hay naku, Rossel sana nga matikman natin yung expensive foods na ya ano?

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  9. Haha..I remembered eating Kobe beef sometime when we went to Japan 2 years ago. It was very delicious and really makes your day.

  10. At least try one …. I want to try talaga the Kobe beef, gaano kasarap yang marbled meat na yan … I too joined GT

    My most expensive soup

  11. very sensible of you sis.. instead of spending a lot money to eat out you prefer to cook and i am sure everybody enjoy it..

    thanks for dropping be my blog, god bless:)

  12. The most expensive food I've ever eaten was a shrimp tempura. If I am not mistaken I ordered 4 tempura and it is more than a thousand pesos….Sobrang mahal.

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