How Promotional Products Make the World Go Around

Promotional products are a great way to get your company’s branding noticed, with corporate gifts and industry event freebies helping to spread the word, but these items can have a much wider reach that you might not have even considered. Here are some examples from around the world of promotional items employed to great effect…

Firstly, you can’t ignore sporting events as one of the biggest spectacles of interesting and quality promotional type items on show; the kit manufacturers, the team’s sponsors and of course the club themselves are all working hard to get their logos on each and every person in the stadium, and the crowds are happy to don the uniform of their team as a way of showing their support. There are also the more traditional scarves, hats and other unofficial merchandise. Some entrepreneurial vendors even have t-shirts made up predicting the outcome of a big match in advance, so they’re ready to sell the souvenir shirts as soon as the final whistle blows (even if they may have to bin the t-shirts with the wrongly-predicted outcomes on!)

Gigs are another opportunity for some mass marketing via a partisan crowd. A T-shirt bought at a concert is not only a souvenir of a great performance, but also a way for a music fan to subtly advertise their “superior” taste in music whilst out and about.

And what better way to remember your holiday than a gift from the resort? A t-shirt, hat or other trinket based on the local customs and lifestyle is an object to attach your memories to, and also make great presents for jealous friends and colleagues. Similarly, museums and galleries usually have a gift shop to enable you to commemorate your cultural experience with a keyring, branded umbrella, mug or novelty eraser, and help you support the institution in the process.

Lastly, even if you watched only a few minutes of coverage, you couldn’t miss all the promotional items on show in the recent US presidential election, where millions are spent on banners, hats, flags, t-shirts and badges to help win over voters. UK elections are a little bit more restrained, but you still might get the odd party political badge or pen to help you select your candidate.

So there you have it, it seems promotional items are in abundance the whole world over, and millions of people have been there, done that and most importantly bought the t-shirt (or cap, or pen, or hoodie, or scarf, etc etc…). If this has inspired you to take a fresh look at how promotional items could work for you, check out our online catalogue, or better still, let our brainstorm assistant come up with some suggestions for you, and get your brand out there! 

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