How Streaming Has Changed How Society Watches Television

Television is – by and large – the most popular form of entertainment. With the advent of streaming services and television apps, you can now enjoy your favorite programming on the go. Streaming television, such as HBO Go and the DirecTV app, is when you watch your favorite movies and shows from an app (at-home on a device or on-the-go). It has changed the way society watches television because it means you never have to miss content. It’s television’s newest way of accommodating your busy lifestyle.

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Entertainment Has Changed

The way society experiences entertainment has changed immensely over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that you needed to adjust your personal schedule around any television shows, movies, or live events that you wanted to watch. You needed to actually find out when your programing would be on and search to find the correct channel. And if you missed it you risked not being able to see it again. Today, that’s definitely not the case.

A great example is DIRECTV’s On Demand service, which allows you to record your favorite shows and with the GenieGo you can watch all the programming you recorded. You can use a DVR service to record it, you can download an app so that you can watch on the go, or you can subscribe to a service that allows you to watch programing on-demand. With all these technological advancements you have the ability to do something that was once impossible: watch live television without worrying about when it’s scheduled.

Sports Apps

The use of streaming services or apps to watch live television events has been especially significant in the sports world. Before, if there was a game on that you wanted to see, you had basically only one chance to see it. If you missed that game then the best that you could do would be to hope to see replays on the news or on ESPN.

Now each league has produced their own individual apps that can accommodate your viewing needs. If you love football then there is the NFL app, if you love hockey then there is the NHL app, or there is the MLB app for baseball and the NBA app for basketball. There is even the ESPN app. which will allow you to watch all sporting events. If you’re busy and cannot watch a game then you can record it and stream it later. Or, if you want to watch a game but are not near a television, than you can use their app to watch the game live on almost any device.

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If you have premium services, the apps that correspond with the service may allow you to watch games too. It really depends on what services you’re subscribed too. For example, if you’ve got DirecTV, you may also have Sunday Ticket, which airs every single game (not just the local ones that air).

Cable TV Apps

In addition to all the apps available to watch live sporting events, there are also programs that allow you to stream regular TV shows or movies. These apps allow you to stream any TV show or movie that you could possibly want to watch at any time on-demand. These services are all completely safe and affordable; some of them are even free; however, only the apps associated with your current television provider will give you access to the stuff you’re recording at home.

Technology has been changing at an incredible rate over the past decade. It has changed the way we do almost everything. This change has especially affected the way people experience television entertainment. What was once appointment viewing is now on-demand streaming.

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