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How To Be A Gracious Recipient

The adage “It is better to give than to receive” holds so much truth.  There is this unexplainable purifying joy that washes over you when you are being generous. But what if you are the receiver? Of course receiving something from someone makes you happy and you can share that happiness to the gift giver by being a gracious recipient. So, how to be  one?

When you already have the item…
Sometimes you might receive a duplicate gift or three.  In this instance, don’t say anything other than “Thank you.” It is something that the giver thought of. You can just regift the item to someone else or if you know where it was bought, exchange it for a different item. In that case, the giver’s money and effort will not be wasted.

Money gift…
Be discreet. Keep the amount to yourself. There is no need to embarrass the receiver. He/She may have given you less than the others but in gift giving, there is no small or big amount.  Remember that it is the thought that counts.

Broken gift…
Sometimes you will receive a damaged gift like jewelry with lose gemstone beads or porcelain that is broken. When this happens, again, just keep it to yourself and don’t tell the gift giver. Who would gift you something that is broken anyway? It may have been damaged from the delivery. Just check (if it is possible) where it was purchased and know if it can be replaced by the store with a new one.

You don’t like the gift…
Don’t raise your eyebrows. The givers love buying presents but they love your reaction even more. They would be delighted to see your smile and appreciation. A big hug and/or kiss on the cheek can make the gifter ‘s day as well.

Make a list…
Note down who gave you what.  The list will serve as you reference when you are about to make your thank you notes. Why write thank you notes? It is because one act of kindness deserves another. Don’t you think so?

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9 replies on “How To Be A Gracious Recipient”

This happens during “Manito/Manitas” in Christmas, that I’m really not so fond of, ’cause I always end up with stuff that I don’t like but still try my very best to smile and say thank you as an auto response.

Nice reminder. Always be happy about the blessing. And if you can, return the favor a hundredfold. 🙂

I had been given gifts that either I already have or don’t like/not my taste. But smiling and saying ‘Thank you’ are automatic when I receive them because the thought of giving’s more important. 🙂

Here is where you’ll want to write about not just the gift, but the gift giver and what they mean to you. When writing this part of the thank you, let the person know how they fit into the fabric of your life. If its someone you have little contact with, write what you know, ‘Mom tells me you’re doing well, hope to see you soon’. If its someone you speak with frequently, try ‘I’ll call you soon but wanted to write a quick thank you’. If you don’t know when you’ll see this person again, the sentiment ‘You are in my thoughts and I hope you are well’ can be quite touching.

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