How to Create Team Spirit and Cohesion

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Being part of a sports team is about more than just winning games. It is also about building a sense of comradery and spirit among all the members in order to create a group that works well and plays well together. While team spirit can seem like something that is hard to generate, there are actually lots of ways you can build cohesion to improve the overall attitude of your team. You should find that having more team spirit leads to better playing and more winning.

Promote Positivity

While winning is an important goal to have, it shouldn’t be your only focus or even your first focus. As cheesy as it sounds, your foremost focus should always be having fun and promoting positivity among the team. This can be especially important for school teams, but it is a good thing to keep in mind for others as well. If the players are not friendly towards one another and there is a lot of constant teasing and rudeness, there won’t be a good sense of trust.

In order to win games, all the members of your team need to be able to rely on one another. You can help encourage positivity by discouraging negative remarks. While constructive criticism is good, taking out losses by getting angry or blaming each other is never a good strategy.

Create Trust

Trust and friendship can be very interconnected. If the members of your team are friends, it is much more likely that they will trust one another. While friendship is something that can’t be forced, doing group activities outside of games and practice can be a great way to perpetuate comradery. Discussing the importance of teamwork can also be important. Just the simple act of passing on the knowledge that trust is important to your players can be a huge step forward.

If you’re a school team, then there is a risk of team members falling into the common situation of hazing or bullying other team members. You should do everything you can to prevent this. No matter what game you’re playing, good-sportsmanship and an environment of trust is a very beneficial and respectable thing to have and can be worth a little extra work and discipline.

Design a Team Image

While it may seem like a built-in part of sports, a good team image is not something you should overlook. Your team image can include team colors, a mascot, and a logo. One of the ways you can spread your team image is by selling branded products that feature your logo. You can find these available from companies such as End Zone Athletics.

There are lots of ways you can use your image to increase team spirit both among your players and among fans. Selling items featuring your team name and colors can be a great way to fundraise for your team, but perhaps the best part about selling branded merchandise is that it will help your team gain publicity and increase your overall fan base. When the players see a large crowd of excited fans wearing their merchandise, it can make them feel like a better team and increase positivity. You can easily take a look at websites such as End Zone Athletic Company to browse some of the many options for buying items featuring your team image.


While teamwork can sometimes seem hard to come by, there are many ways you can perpetuate it. Some of the most important things you can do to improve the way your team works together are being positive and promoting trust. While it can be easy to get caught up focusing only on winning, it is more than worth your time to put additional effort into becoming better as a group. You should find that by doing this your performance improves substantially.

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