How to Dress Properly for Business Meetings

The way a certain person dresses up always has a direct relationship with his/her personality. During important business meetings, dressing up appropriately will show how serious the event has been taken. Looking serious is not all about looking well-off because formal business outfits can also be put together at a budget-saving cost.

How to dress properly for business meetings? If there has been a corporate uniform, see to it that it is well pressed and properly washed. If there is none, a two-piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice for men while women can wear light colored blouses matched with a knee length pencil-cut skirts or black slacks.

For men, see to it that your black or brown leather shoes are well shined and avoid using rubber shoes even though it is dark colors. For ladies, if you can just bear it, it would be great to wear a pair of stilettos but if not, at least not those flat shoes. Heavy makeup should also be avoided but at least don’t look too pale or sickly. Light blush-on or lip gloss will do. Also make sure your hair is well combed or tied up.

Even though the meeting would be outdoors, do not attempt to wear jeans and shirt not unless it has been specified by the client. There are instances wherein clients want to discuss business in golf game or perhaps in pool party. It is totally fine to wear cheap sunglasses while going to the area but make sure to remove them once you face whoever you are meeting. Eye contact should be maintained all throughout the discussion except if you’re talking with some nationalities that find it rude.

Basically business meetings are being done to convince potential clients for investments and one should not compromise the closure of the deal just because of inappropriate outfit.

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