How to Prevent Eye Strain

I took a short break. I don’t want to but I have to. My eyes got strained because of the prolonged use. They need to be rested for few days.

Two weeks ago, we changed our monitor from CRT to LCD. A CRT with low refresh rate (less than 70 Hz) can cause eye strain because of the flickering image and because it often goes slightly out of focus. LCDs do not go out of focus and are less susceptible to visible flicker. But then, I got sore, burning and painful eyes. I really don’t know if the new monitor has something to do with it (hubby adjusted the contrast and brightness though) or my eyes just got tired suddenly. I am blogging for nearly a year now and even though I was popping in out sometimes, still I am spending most of my time in front of the computer.

The best way to prevent eye strain is not to use our eyes as much. But how would a blogging addict like me do that?

1. Shift a focus from near to far every chance you can. Looking out to a distance of least 20 feet every 20 minutes.
2. Don’t stare at the monitor when you are waiting for something to load and relax your eyes by looking far away.
3. Make sure that the screen is at a 90 degree angle from any direct light source.
4. Adjust the contrast, brightness and colors of your monitor to the best effect.
5. Sooth your eyes by performing eye exercise gently.


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  1. Mel Alarilla says:

    Yes, these are very practical suggestions on how to prevent severe eye strain due to prolonged use of the computer. Thanks for sharing them. God bless you always.

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